drawing finger pix on the mirror
[2006-06-05 - 1:34 a.m.]

When you are in the shower for a looong time and the entire bathroom is totally saturated with hot steam, even the walls are dripping, you step out of the tub and open everything up and it's all good. You can even taste the moisture in the air, but with a jolly little squeek you wipe off the mirror and proceed with your primping routine. Stepping out of the bathroom, you are rosey cheeked and ready for the cooler drier air, and your day starts off on a great note.

Well, I believe that's what Tiffany
was dreaming at midnight.

But instead of anyone's day starting, the truth was that my day was ending and I walked into my house ready to throw my dirty uniform off and hit the sack, when...........

I walked smack into a cloud of steam. In my livingroom. The entire apartment was engulfed in hot wet heat. That leak??? Oh, yeeeaaaa! It was now an angry sounding guzzle, filling the place with the sound of full powered hot water turned up to full blast.

It's just a good thing I was needing some boring, backbreaking work for Tiffany's punishment. She should be miserable having to wash down the streaks on the walls of my apartment.

No matter what, there's always a silver lining.

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